9 Things Every Blogger Needs

2014-5-1 9 things every blogger needs

I have been immersed in the world of blogging lately: public speaking, content marketing for businesses and doing blog consultations.  I love it.  So I thought that, while blogging is top of mind this week, I would pop over here, say HELLO (I didn’t forget you), and share

the 9 things every blogger needs:

1. A computer.  Obviously.  Hard to blog if you can’t access a blog.

2. A smartphone. Because blogging is so much about sharing and building community, you need to be able to use your social media ALL the time.  Which means you need a smartphone.  Also, all the blogging platforms have apps so you can easily and quickly access your blog from your phone.  Say someone notices a really hysterical typo on your blog and calls you to let you know (um, not like that has ever happened to me, of course)…even if you are out and about you can quickly change it.

3. A budget for: conferences & business cards.  If you want to grow your blog and really see it blossom then you need to treat it like a business and invest in it.  Go ahead and sign up for 1 or 2 conferences this year (there are conferences for all budgets and of all sizes) and get some nice business cards to hand out.

4. News.  The blogging world and the social media industry change ALL the time.  You have got to be up to date and know how things are changing.  My favorite places to get news?  Well, I do a Friday Social Media News Round Up over at allisonbcarter.com that I think rocks, but I might be biased. Also check out Blogger Babes, Social Media Examiner, and Social Media Today.

5. A tribe. You need a support network when you blog.  A good tribe not only shares ideas and cheerleads for each other, but they share each other’s posts and comments.  Best way to find a tribe?  Go to a conference, go to a local blogger meetup, and make some friends.

6. A camera & some sweet PicMonkey.  Blogging requires beautiful images.  Not only do they keep the reader interested but in a era when Pinterest rules you need to have something for people to pin.  Even if you snap pictures with your cell phone use PicMonkey (which is free) to make them stunning and unique.

7. Resources like Blog Design for Dummies, SITS Girls, Blogelina, Blog Clarity.  These resources can keep you going.  They aren’t necessarily news sources (a la #4) but they are places that will keep you inspired to fine tune your blog, get ideas, meet more bloggers, and stay connected.

8. Passion & ideas.  You have to know your goal and how to build content to meet that goal.  Make sure you understand your audience and why you are blogging. (If you don’t know all of this, contact me for a blog consultation because I can help.)  Stay true to who you are.  If you are running out of ideas and things to blog about, visit my article here about prompts and inspirations for bloggers and writers.

9. TIME!  It just takes time to blog, folks.  Carve out some time for something you love and are passionate about.  It is true that I will frequently set my alarm at 5:30 am to get up to write but hey, I love it, so it is worth it.  Find your time.

How about you?  Do you blog?  If so, what do you think is a “must have!?”


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  1. May 1, 2014    

    Great Tips:) SO grateful for your support and advice. It is so much fun – but you are right, a big time investment:)!

  2. May 1, 2014    

    Great list! Time is the one I struggle withe the most. :-)
    Lisa @ The Golden Spoons recently posted…If I Got Ten Wishes . . . {Tuesday Ten Linkup}My Profile

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