Martha Moment Upcycled Scarf It is the moment you have been waiting for! No, not Christmas … or the Season Premiere of The Sing-Off…  My Martha Moment for November!

This month I took her suggestion to give an old, unused scarf new life.  (Pst, New here?  Learn more about My Martha Moments and the “rules” here – because yes, I gave myself rules.  I would love for you to join in this monthly challenge!)

Here is the inspiration article from November’s Living magazine (there is a very soothing video tutorial on Martha Stewart’s website here):
martha moment upcycled scarf instructions I love this idea!  Take an old scarf that you don’t wear (for whatever reason) and give it a second life. Make it unique, make it stylish, make it yours, and then WEAR it.

Since I wasn’t game for tape, glitter, decoupage, or sewing this past month, I opted for the metallic polka dots.  The instructions were easy!  Pour some metallic craft paint on a paper plate, dip a foam pouncer in the paint, dab any excess paint on to a paper towel, then press the pouncer on the scarf.  Repeat.

I had my scarf in mind.  I recently went through a MAJOR closet overhaul (thanks to being 2 years post partum, knowing we are not having any more babies, and getting rid of clothes that I just shouldn’t wear any more … but I miss you maternity yoga pants!).

In the back of my closet I found this gorgeous jewel-blue scarf.  It is a really beautiful color, and compliments my tones.  But I never wore it.  It just didn’t have any “oompf” or “razzle” or any other word my very expensive English degree taught me…

So I hugged the scarf, whispered promises into its ear, and gathered my supplies.

martha moment upcycled scarf supplies I had to buy a foam pouncer from ACMoore and the paint, too.  I decided to go ahead and buy the Martha Stewart Metallic paint brand as that was sure to be successful.  All Martha = success, right?

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Martha Stewart foam pouncer was cheap and came with multiple tops.  I also did not have to fill the pouncer’s reservoir for this project so clean up was EA.SY.  The way I like it.

I laid my old scarf on the table, gently dipped the top of the pouncer in to the paint, and got to pouncing (fun!).  A little tip: I use bean bags (homemade) to hold fabric down when I am working.  The extra weight on the corners keeps the fabric from moving around.

martha moment upcycled scarf in progress This craft was really easy and went so fast.

Some tips I learned, though:

- I liked having more paint on my pouncer versus less.  Not having enough paint meant that it just looked faint and unimpressive.  Maybe it was my color choices, though, and the look I wanted.  I wanted the gold dots to shimmer.

- You get ONE CHANCE to pounce.  It doesn’t work to repounce over something already pounced.  The odds of matching the second pounce exactly are really slim and it just looks bad.

martha moment upcycled scarf flat

- I lost track of my pattern.  I got to pouncing away and kind of lost my “grid.” Of course, I didn’t draw or prepare in advance so that’s that.  If you really have a pattern you want to stay true to, draw guidelines on with fabric chalk.

- The paint BLEEDS THROUGH.  This may seem obvious to you friend but it is NOWHERE in the Martha guide and I didn’t even think about it.  I picked up my cotton scarf after it dried and all my pounces showed up on the table underneath.  Thankfully the table top underneath was fine and all the gold came up with some good elbow grease but that would have been nice to know ahead of time.

martha moment upcycled scarf preschooler - I highly recommend having a preschooler watching your every pounce, giving you cheers of encouragement.

- I have no idea how to wash this!  Anyone?

- The paint will only be on one side of the scarf.  BUT it bleeds through enough where you can’t apply the same effect to both sides.  So in essence you end up with a one-sided scarf.  I don’t mind now because, again, this was a scarf I didn’t wear very often but I have already worn this 5 times since snazzing it up.  Yet it would have been nice to consider before committing.

martha moment upcycled scarf final

In case you were wondering what this scarf were to look like if you were standing in front of a Christmas wreath and next to some huge nutcrackers, here you go…

martha moment upcycled scarf full This scarf does look pretty festive with the metallic gold dots, doesn’t it?  This is a cheap and easy way to create some holiday pizzazz to your party outfit.

(Pst, these Martha Moments are creating a disturbing number of moments where I have to model.)

Final assessment:  On a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) this Martha project gets the following ratings from me:
   Directions and tutorial: 4 (I would have liked more details and warnings about the paint product)
   Cost: 4 (I already owned the scarf, of course, but did have to spend money on a foam pouncer and the paint)
   Final product: 3 (it is fun and nice but definitely not professional looking – that said, I have worn that scarf a lot now whereas I had rarely worn it before)
   Time required for the end result: 4 (once you gather your supplies this can be done in less than 30 minutes)
   Being true to the magazine: 4 (there were some details I would have liked to have had)

How about you?  Made any Martha projects lately?  Have you had a Martha Moment?  Link up below, let me know about it, and tell me if it worked for you!

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3 Thoughts on “My Martha Moment: Nov 2013, Upcycled Scarf

  1. That turned out so nicely. I have to agree supervision by a preschooler can really help to cheer you on!

    The MS Acrylic craft paint is dishwasher safe on glass, so I would assume once it’s dry you could at least hand wash the scarf.

    You (and the nutcrackers) look so cute with that scarf ;)
    Steph recently posted…Fall 2013 Wrap-upMy Profile

  2. How did I miss this? Beautiful scarf! Loving the pop those dots of gold add. :)
    Sarah @ 2paws Designs recently posted…Simple Kids Build Car RepairMy Profile

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