‘Tis the season… of Thanksgiving.  You know, that thing that happens before Christmas but isn’t Halloween?

All over people have been engaged in various memes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, posting something they are thankful for every day.  I am terrible at committing to things such as that (daily?! definitely not for me) but I am sharing what I am thankful for as a mom this week.

As moms, we can complain a lot.  I know why – it is HARD THANKLESS WORK.  But let’s take a moment, step back, and remember how wonderful and blessed it actually is.

2013-11-26 Thanksgiving Post

So here is what I choose to be thankful for this Thanksgiving -

1. My wide hips – they gave me 2 beautifully uncomplicated deliveries.

2. Waking up every blessed day at 7 am – I get to see the sun rise and we never feel rushed in the mornings.

3. Being exhausted by 8:30 pm every night – it is a sign as to how full my life is each and every day.

4. Plodding up the steps in the middle of the night to help a child in need – how smack-in-your-face precious is it that I have a big, warm house, my children have their own comfortable beds, and I can be so close to help them?

5. My “saddlebag chest” – I was able to nurse children, feed my own babies, and that is a miracle, no matter how much it messes with your postpartum head and your body.

2013-11-26 Thanksgiving Post 3

6. The battle over dinner every night – it is amazing that every day I have the resources and the food to argue with my children about “what” to eat and “how much,” not “when” we will eat and “if.”

7. That I never have my hair styled, my eyebrows waxed, my make up on, and legs shaved all at the same time – I exist so far from an ego-centric world and that has to be making a difference to people somewhere, somehow.

8. When I take 2 kids (one sick) to the pediatricians’ office and have to wait over 30 minutes to be seen – I can’t believe how many times easy access to medicine and a doctor has not only saved my sanity but helped my children within 12 hours of first symptoms.

9. The bags under my eyes – my life is much too dynamic and exciting for sleep, and I am needed.

10. Constant loud noises in my house and life & the regular destruction of our furniture – there is so much joy, and under our roof memories are made.

2013-11-26 Thanksgiving Post 2

Mostly though I am thankful for the love, the laughter, and the adventure.  Of all things I can’t complain about in my life, it is ‘being dull.’  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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10 Thoughts on “My “Mommy” Thanksgiving List

  1. You are so right, in so many ways. This is my favorite thankful post. Talking about the positives to the annoyances in our parenting lives. I dig it.
    Tamara recently posted…It’s Because You Care.My Profile

  2. What a wonderful post and I agree with every single one of em! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Tanya @ Mom’s Small Victories recently posted…Family Friday Link-up Party {1}…I’m Co-Hosting, Let’s Party!My Profile

  3. Kerstin on November 26, 2013 at 4:43 pm said:

    What a great way to look at things we may otherwise see as annoyances. You are so right. It is so easy to get caught up and forget how lucky we are. Thanks for the reminder and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great list. And I’m jealous – 7am?? That would be sleeping in here. ;) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Sarah @ 2paws Designs recently posted…Alice, Narnia and Harry PotterMy Profile

  5. This list is amazing!! I just finished a short study on verbal blessings (Part of it about not complaining) and have been working hard to turn some of my complaints to thanksgiving. I’m going to be ‘borrowing’ a few of these. Especially number 10 :D
    Steph recently posted…My Favorite Things Saturdays 11/30My Profile

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