Last post I talked about something I failed at.  Today I am sharing something I am awesome at lately: pinning on Pinterest! That’s right, I am winning at pinning!

winning at pinning nov 2013

This is not in amount.  I don’t have a lot of quantity on my boards given how long I have been on Pinterest.  I am very selective about what I will repin – so many pins out there lead to broken links, spam, or general failures.  I like to make sure my Pinterest followers see things that work…and that I get pins that work when I get ready to DO.

But I have had a few Pinterest hits lately.  Here is what you what should pin (and do!):

- Looking for something savory?  Try this Bacon Cheddar dip from Coordinately Delicious.  Yes, it is delicious!  And really easy.  This is not a weight watchers approved recipe but worth it.

- Looking for something sweet? Make these peanut butter honey cupcakes from A Beautiful Mess.  Go make this peanut butter frosting.  NOW.  I have a KitchenAid mixer so this took about 7 minutes to make.  I will never do frosting out of a tub again.  I want to roll in this peanut butter frosting.

- Christmas on your mind?  I made these santa hat brownies from daisy’s world again.  Everyone fawned over them.  They are cute, achievable, but also impressive (which is kind of the whole point of Pinterest, right?).

- Want a kids craft?  We keep coming back to this milk art I originally spied on Flutter Flutter.  You really do have everything on hand.  Although milk ain’t cheap (as I keep reminding The Bean as he wants to do this every day).

- If it is sewing you are looking for I haven’t actually completed anything since I rocked out my shower curtain.  I am embarassed to admit this fact since part of my Fall Goals was about sewing more, but I have been crafting and working on things.  Promise.  Just haven’t completed anything.

- Home decor?  Well, you see, that has been all my own brain child recently.  Be scared.  Be very scared.  This means that I haven’t bought anything or copied a pin.  I Modge Podged a nautical chart to a table and created my own window garland, but haven’t tackled any Pinterest boards.

But how about you?  What have you done lately that you are proud of?  What pins are on your radar to be tackled, soon? I have to say, this DIY wrapping paper wreath from Centsational Girl is calling my name…

On a related note, how do you organize your Pinterest boards? 

I have to confess: I actually have a board called “Done and Done.”  You see, Pinterest can be mildly stressful to me.  I am a checklist kind of girl…the kind of girl who can’t relax until the never-ending to do list is done (which pretty much means I never relax).  So since Pinterest is my big designing/decorating/shopping/crafting/sewing/mothering to do list I move stuff when I do it.  It also helps me remember what I have accomplished.

Also, who are your favorite people to follow on Pinterest? I am looking for some new inspiration. And let’s follow each other!

You can follow me on Pinterest here.

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2 Thoughts on “Winning at Pinning {November 2013}

  1. I have to admit: I am a pinaholic. My boards are mostly divided into seasons and holidays as that’s kind of my niche. I LOVE That milk art. I may just have to get some cheep (ie. Store-brand non-organic) milk to keep on hand for that. ;)

    On my personal account I too have a ‘I DID IT!” board. I like to move not only the original pin there, but also pin a photo of my finished product.

    This past month I had one of my pins sky rocket and even appear on the most popular pins for 2 days ( I was kind of shocked but I guess everyone liked it. is one of my favorites I follow. Not only dose she have lots of blogging pins, but also arts, crafts, activities and more.

    Sorry for the long comment, but as I said: I am a pinaholic and I just LOVE the topic of Pinterest!
    Steph recently posted…Free Black Friday Shopping List PrintableMy Profile

    • Your Turkey Droppings bags CRACKED ME UP! That is awesome! ha! I repinned it. :) Also found you and followed (yay! why wasn’t I doing that before?!). I also found Womanly Woman to follow her – it looks great. Thanks for all the tips and for being a Pinaholic!! :)
      Allison recently posted…My “Mommy” Thanksgiving ListMy Profile

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